School Transport

Students can avail the school transport. The school possesses Six buses for the conveyance of the students. The buses cover almost all part of the town.

Bus Rules:

  1. The school does not undertake any responsibility for the safety of anyone travelling in its buses. All reasons including children travelling by such school transport do so entirely at their own risk, The school under no circumstances will be liable to any claim from those using this facility or from their parents/ guardians for any mishap that takes place resulting in injury/ death/ lose of limbs, etc..
  2. All students using the school bus are expected to be on the right side of the bus stops at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  3. The buses will not wait for the late comers.
  4. The children should stay away from the main road.
  5. No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it has made a complete stop.
  6. All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding the bus.
  7. When the bus is motion, students must not move around in the bus and any part of their body should not be outside the bus.
  8. Object of any kind must not be discarded inside or thrown out of the bus.
  9. Parents must instruct their children travelling by bus to obey those who are in change. Disobedience will render them liable to be deprived of their place in the bus and in case of any damage, the parents is liable to redress the damage.
  10. No student is allowed to eat in the bus. Discarding of trash or food either inside or outside buses is not permitted.
  11. Bus fees will be charged for all twelve months of eh year. There may be rise in bus fees , if found necessary.
  12. A notice in writing, before one month, must be given by the parents to the school in case they wish to discontinue using the bus facility, otherwise they will have to pay for the month.
  13. Parents are to deal directly with the school on any matter dealing with the bus service and are not to deal with the bus employees.
  14. Unruly behavior like shrieking and shouting is strictly prohibited inside the bus. Courteous behavior is expected at all times.
  15. The driverís attention must not be diverted.
  16. In the event of a child not being at the stop at the scheduled time, the bus will proceed without the child. It will be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to bring the child to school.