Education of a child is the joint responsibility of the parents and the school authorities. It is, in other words, the mutual co operation of the parents/ guardians as well as the teachers which can bring the fulfillment of the noble purpose of education a child.

We always try to provide the best possible education to our students and we want a steady progress of every child, studying in the school. If you feel that your child does not make the desired progress, please do not fail to contact the Principal. Criticism of any school teacher in the presence of the students should be avoided as this makes the student loose respect for the teacher and that may create a gap between the students and teachers. Withdrawal of children from classes for social or domestic function, etc is not recommended. It retards the studentís progress in school and minimizes his/ her respect for regular hard work and that causes his failure to progress in his / her studies.

Parents are invited to visit the school and contact personally the Principal during the specified visiting hours. They are requested not to go direct to the classes or call on any pupil through nay person for any reason whatsoever.

The principal shall have the pleasure to entertain and accommodate all suggestions pertaining to the betterment of the institution from the parents/ guardians.


  1. The children come to the school with necessary books and stationary.
  2. The children come to school regularly, punctually and in proper uniform.
  3. The children devote sufficient time to complete home assignment and revise homework properly.
  4. They go through the diary and check up whether their wards are doing their home work properly.
  5. Fees are paid in time.
  6. They should also meet with the subject teachers concerned from time to time so that they may have firsthand knowledge of the progress of their wards.
  7. They do not send their child to the school when he / she is suffering from any infectious diseases.
  8. They understand and appreciate the need for correction and occasional punishment which helps them to correct their mistakes.