General Information

It is our endeavour to provide the best possible education to the pupils. To make this venture a success parents co – operation is solicited. We would appreciate, if parents take a little more interest in their ward, particularly in his/ her studies at home. The school requests the parents to be familiar with the following information

  1. The medium of instruction is English. Thus, the child should speak in English.
  2. The Academic Sessions of the School begins in the first week of April.
  3. The child should reach in time.
  4. The child should not be absent from the school unless it is very necessary.
  5. To help the child develops his / her personality and to build up confidence in him/ her, it is very necessary that he/ she is smartly dressed in complete school uniform regularly.
  6. The child should come to the school full equipped with all the books and note books.
  7. The child should do his / her homework regularly.
  8. All fees must be paid by the 10th of each month. The child’s name will be struck off the register at the end of the month, if the payment is still not made. For readmission, all the arrears will have to be paid along with the re admission fees. Late fees or re 1 per day will be collected up to 30th or 31st of the month. Extra Rs. 10 will also be collected for the fees deposited after the said date.
  9. The school is not responsible if the child loses any object in the school. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school.
  10. No visitors will be permitted to see the pupil during class hour.
  11. No students will be sent home, unless a duly authorized person come to fetch him/ her with a note of authority.
  12. The office will remain closed on Sunday.
  13. A regular practice of English conversation should be done at home. The child should be helped to follow his/ her class easily and intelligently.
  14. When required, a student must be present for extra activities after school timing school.
  15. Registration for new admission is open in the month of January / February/ March. Please note that at the time of new admission, fees for the month of April, May and June will be charged. The fees are to be paid from the month of April.
  16. In the month of July, the child can, however, be admitted after paying all the dues and late admission fee.
  17. No school leaving certificate will be issued, unless the parent/ guardian gives in writing before one month. All dues according to the school rules must be cleared at the time of withdrawal otherwise no. T.C. will be issued.
  18. When the school reopens after summer vacation, in the month of June all the students must attend the school regularly and punctually. If any student remains absent continuously in the month of June without giving any information his name will be struck off the register automatically.
  19. Books, note books, socks, ties, badges, belts diaries and blazers shall be supplied by the school.
  20. Parents/ Guardians are hereby requested to cooperate with the school by enabling their wards to observe the rules and o follow punctually and regularly in attending the school and studying at home.