Rules for Concering Absence

  1. No one who is late of was absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without the permission of the principal.
  2. Leave of absence is not granted except on prior written application from the parent/ guardian except in the case of unforeseen circumstance.
  3. For marriage with in the family, only two days leave is granted as a rule. But, prior sanction is needed
  4. Absence from the school during test/ examination will never be permitted except in case of the illness as it will adversely affect the studentís grade in the test/ examination. Nether re- test nor re examination will be conducted.
  5. Repeated absence without granted leave or unexpected absence for more than a week renders the student liable to have his/ her name struck off the register. Re admission will have to be sought.
  6. All are expected to attend classes on the opening day after each of the vacations and on the closing day before the vacation. Those who are absent without prior leave will be fined.
  7. A student returning to the school after suffering from and infectious disease should produce a medical certificate permitting him to join classes subject to condition laid down below, Students suffering from the following must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school.

Chicken pox: 6 days after the disappearance of the first crop of vesicles. (normally altogether)

Measeles : 7 days from rash (Normally)

Mumps : until swelling of salivary gland has subsided which may take 2 tlo 7 days from the appearance of symptoms.