The Evolution of the School

To provide a yeoman service to the tiny tots of Kantabanji, to impart up to date education to the children of the locality, to fan the talent of the future citizens, Kantabanji Lions Public School emerged as a ray of hope. Thus, this school, a dream of Mr. Pyarelal Jangada, was set up on 4th of July 1994. It got a smart start under the direct guidance and dynamic chairmanship of Mr. Dewanand Agrawal. A devoted team of members dedicated themselves for the smooth running and enhancing of the school- The Temple of Knowledge.

With a noble ambition and sincere effort, the school was inaugurated in a rented building. It was given a festive start with its LKG having only 66 students. Inspite of a lot of hindrances, a small team of pains – taking teachers brought a revolution in the field of Nursery teaching in the area. The school management committee got full support from all the parents, educationalists, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen as well as common everyone’s eyes. Today , it is ranked as one of the nest schools of the zone. The continuous herculean endeavors of the management committee created a milestone -------- within a short span of time ; the school as shifted from the rented building to a new gigantic building of its own. It became possible only by the grace of the Almighty God with the determination of ll. The new school building is double storeyed having 35 well furnished class rooms besides The incumbents’ cell. The school has three school buses for the conveyance of the students. An attractive Children’s Park and playground beautify the school campus. Now, the school possesses well equipped Computer room, science laboratory, math laboratory, Toys Room and Library. Moreover, it has planned to build a hostel for the countryside children.

“Leaning by going is our under laying philosophy”