Our Moral Aims

  1. Students should become confident for the home and the country as well.
  2. They should prefer good habits, truthfulness and should possess physical, mental and moral courage.
  3. They should dedicate themselves to their duty and should love to accomplish their work. They should understand the importance of time.
  4. Politeness, honesty, tolerance and self-confidence should dazzle in them.
  5. They should keep themselves away from hatred, selfishness, revenge, treachery as well as cowardice.
  6. Students should have a strong belief in simple living and high thinking.
  7. Service to the mankind should be a main spell of their lives.
  8. They should have a tender feeling for the environment, nature and other living beings.
  9. Above all students should have a permanent faith in the Almighty.


The school aims at all round developed personalities of the students which is the result of strong character and positive thinking backed by time tested moral values especially in the ear when the cherished values are declining precipitiously. Therefore, there is a tremendous need for value education to be integrated with the school curriculum to enable them to blossom into morally strong and confident citizens of tomorrow.