Form the Founder Chairmsn's Desk

Education is not a preparation for life, it is a way of life.

Today schools face enormous challenges. In response to an increasingly complex society and a rapidly changing technology based economy, schools are being asked to educate the most diverse student body in our history to higher academic standard than ever before. The world is no longer the stable and predictable place that it once was. The most important challenge that educational system is facing is not preparing students for examination or test but fostering 21st century skills and knowledge in learners so that they can actively and confidently participate in our global based civilization. Transforming schools in the changing world of 21st century involves developing capacity to engage all staff and students more deeply in their learning , broadening the learning environment and to connect with the world outside.

We need new thinking schools. It very necessary to turn our attention to the skills, behaviours and knowledge that students need to function effectively in this new 21st century environment.

We at K.L.P. School have initiated a quiet revolution in school education by adopting the best teaching practices and preparing the child for high academic achievement to ensure synchronous physical. Emotion. Intellectual and academic growth. We focus mainly on

  1. Quality of Instruction
  2. Communication skills
  3. Problem solving and critical thinking
  4. Confidence building
  5. Information literacy
  6. Technology
  7. Instill self discipline, values and life skills
  8. Joyful learning and creativity
  9. Comprehensive sports and Yoga
  10. Promote discovery and motivate from within.

Real education is not restricted merely to bookish knowledge but it also helps the child to realize their latent capacity, analytical abilities, self confidence, will power and goal setting competencies. Real Education prepares not just for job, for but life. We K.L.P. School are trying our level best to provide real quality education to the children of Kantabanji.