Admission Criteria

  1. Parents desirous of getting their children admitted to this school should take the Prospectus from the school office at the cost of Rs. 500/- for general information about the rules and regulations of the school.
  2. The normal time for admission is at the beginning of the academic year (normally in the month of April)
  3. Children below the age of three years and over the age of five years will not be accepted in Nursery classes. The school’s main intake into L.K.G. is the age group of above three but below four years.
  4. A new pupil who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a school leafing certificate from the school last attended and in the case of pupils coming from the schools of the other states, the certificate must be counter signed by the District Inspector of School of the Dist. From which the pupil comes. This must be submitted at the time of admission.
  5. The admission form should be filled up very carefully giving all the details asked for. The date of birth should be entered with particular care as it is difficult to make changes afterwards.
  6. It is essential for the parents to inform the principal regarding any abnormal behavior or any serious disease which the child suffers from.
  7. Mostly admissions are confined to Nursery Classes. Admission to other classes is made subject to the availability of seats and on the basis of performance in the entrance test.
  8. Admission of a child is conditional upon his/ her passing the entrance test.
  9. Those seeking admission should produce the following :- (a) Birth Certificate for admission to L.K.G. (b) Transfer Certificate from the last school attended, duly signed by proper authorities. (c) Progress Report of the child indicating his/ her academic performance.
  10. The principal at any time without assigning reason may ask any parent/ guardian to withdraw his/ her child from the school, if he/ she considers it necessary in the interest of the school.